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We’ve come from startups, publicly-traded enterprises, and coffee shops. Together, we’re an eclectic team of visionaries committed to pioneering the best in marketing technology as a service.

  • Dr. Mike King

    A serial entrepreneur and angel investor in multiple startups, Mike has 30 years computer hardware and software management experience, including COO of a 250-person video game technology and game development organization across 5 offices on 3 continents; exited for approximately $100M to Electronic Arts. At EA, as VP Worldwide R&D, established himself as an authority on international wine and cuisine, while developing his passion for photography.

  • Mark Feingold

    Serial entrepreneur, investor, and founder of one of Europe’s best regarded payment gateways, Mark is a leading thinker on transactional and security matters and brings a keen attention to detail, offering his deep experience and understanding to the businesses who use Reward Sciences’ platform. Mark enjoys golf and can often be found at the 19th hole.

  • Justin Jarvinen

    A man with a pair of vision goggles, Justin has founded several successful Martech, finance, and entertainment technology companies. Now, he uses that vision to lead strategy, product, and marketing efforts at Reward Sciences. Don’t mind the 80s love ballads playing in his office—he swears they’re all just part of the innovation process.

    Call Justin with new ideas at (872) 588-8825

  • Andy Price

    Andy has over 20 years of experience in technical sales management positions in software and services. He is a successful entrepreneur and goal driven leader. A specialist in listening to client needs and bringing together the right people, software, and planning with high touch strategic accounts. An avid fisherman, Andy’s on-the-ready with great stories about “the one that got away”.

    Call Andy with new business opportunities at (872) 588-8848

  • Vero Rebagliatte

    Vero is a full-stack developer with a full stack of street creds (and Ruby on Rails teaching experience). She leads the Reward Sciences' technology team with an unrivaled mastery and equally admirable velocidad y elegancia!

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    Interested in working with a sharp group of visionaries? We're on the lookout for top-flight talent across our organization. Ping us using the form and we'd be happy to discuss specifics.

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